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Francis Avery Jones Award

Updated on: 01 Feb 2021   First published on 18 Jan 2021

The annual Sir Francis Avery Jones BSG Research Award encourages research by gastroenterologists working in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The award consists of an engraved medal and a prize: full registration for the whole meeting and travel and accommodation expenses as specified in their speaker entitlement letter. The recipient will be required to deliver a 20-minute lecture during the plenary session at the BSG Annual Meeting.

Entrants need not be a member of the Society but must fulfill certain age criteria or have held a Consultant/Honorary Consultant post for less than 5 years.

A guide to applying to the Francis Avery Jones Award can be downloaded here.

Applications are not currently open for this award.


Year Winner Lecture title
2020 Dr. Prakash Ramachandran Deciphering Liver Fibrosis One Cell at a Time
2019 Thomas Bird Liver senescence – How the liver can grow without growing old or lumpy
2018 James Lee
2017 Trevor Graham
2016 Ye Htun Oo
2015 Simon Leedham
2014 Neil Henderson
2013 Wing-Kin Syn
2012 Joe West
2011 Melita Gordon
2010 Bertus Eksteen
2009 David A van Heel
2008 D Mark Pritchard
2007 Rebecca Fitzgerald
2006 John McLaughlin
2005 Shaheen Hamdy
2004 David EJ Jones
2003 M Illyas
2002 S Watson
2001 John C Atherton
2000 Chris P Day
1999 Simon Taylor-Robinson
1998 Qasim Aziz
1997 Yashwant Mahida and Massimo Pignatelli
1996 David H Adams
1995 Ray Playford
1994 Janusz Jankowski
1993 Michael A Kamm
1992 Alastair JM Watson
1991 I Bjarnson
1990 Andrew Garner
1989 Jon M Rhodes
1988 David Thompson
1987 Mike JG Farthing
1986 Paul Ciclitira
1984 H Thomas
1983 Wynne DW Rees
1982 RCN Williamson
1981 M Case
1980 Nichola W Read
1979 A Ferguson
1978 Nicholas A Wright
1977 David B Silk
1976 SR Bloom and B Drasar

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