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Annual Meeting Nurse/AHP Abstracts Bursary

Updated on: 03 Dec 2021   First published on 15 Dec 2020

The BSG is offering four travel bursaries for Nurse/AHP delegates who would find it financially difficult to attend the BSG Annual Meeting to present their accepted abstract(s).

Each bursary of up to £500 is funded by the BSG and in order to qualify, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  • be listed as the presenting author of the submitted abstract
  • actually present the abstract at the meeting
  • be unable to afford to attend the meeting without the travel bursary
  • be a Nurse/AHP

Applicants should upload a short statement with their abstract explaining why they would find it difficult to attend without being funded.

Successful applicants: bursaries will be paid after the relevant meeting on submission of your expense claim and a brief report outlining what you felt was most valuable about attending the conference, what you enjoyed the most, and what you learned that you could bring back to your daily work.

Application Process

Applications must be completed using the online form. No other applications will be considered.

You must also ensure that your BSG Membership profile has been updated.

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