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BSG Endoscopy Rising Star Award

Updated on: 15 Jun 2022   First published on 15 Jun 2022

The Endoscopy Rising Star prize is awarded every two years at the annual meeting on the recommendation of the Endoscopy Committee. The prize is awarded for the best submission regarding a technical innovation in the field of endoscopy, a new method using existing endoscopic equipment, or contribution to endoscopy research.

The successful recipient will be required to deliver a 20-minute lecture at the BSG Annual Meeting during the Endoscopy sessions and will receive a framed certificate, as well as free registration for the conference and travel costs.


Applicants should be senior trainees, advanced endoscopy fellows or consultants or clinical endoscopists within 7 years (WTE)* of first taking up post. Entrants need to be a member of the Society and previous applicants are welcome to apply. The award is given once to any given individual and at the discretion of the BSG Endoscopy VP and committee. The Endoscopy Section reserve the right not to make an award if judges feel applications are not of sufficient merit.

Judging process

The BSG will convene a panel of judges to review the applications independently. They will score out of the following criteria, giving a total score out of 20. Scores are then ranked, and the chief judge reviews all scores and feedback to determine a winner.

  • The originality of work. Score from 0 – 5
  • Contribution to the advancement of clinical endoscopy. Score from 0 – 5
  • Contribution to the quality of endoscopy. Score from 0 – 5
  • Contribution to research/ literature / evidence. Score from 0 – 5

How to apply

Applications for this award will open soon.

Below are the fields you’ll need to complete. All applications must include the following:

  • A manuscript (2 A4 pages ONLY) describing the work conducted
  • A bibliography of relevant personal publications (100 words)
  • An outline of the proposed content of the lecture, including title (300 words)
  • A written statement confirming that all or a substantial part of the work has been personally conducted in the UK or Republic of Ireland

* This will take account of applicants who have had career breaks or work less than full-time etc, but the final decision regarding eligibility will be at the discretion of the Vice-President  Endoscopy.

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