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Young Gastroenterologist of the Year – Clinical and Translational Science

Updated on: 06 May 2022   First published on 03 May 2021

The BSG Young Gastroenterologist of the Year – Clinical & Translational Science is designed to identify and promote talented trainee clinical scientists nationally in order to promote research and science in gastroenterology for the future. There is a single award of £1000.


The award is open to any BSG member who is training in gastroenterology in the UK. This includes members of the BSG Trainee Section Committee not directly involved in the organisation of the award. Applications are welcomed from doctors in LAT posts as well as those in numbered posts.

Conditions of the Award

The principal applicant must be an active BSG member to be eligible. The winner is required to attend on the last day of the meeting to receive their prize.

Application Process

Applications will close on 7th February 2022. Details on how to apply will be released shortly. This award is reserved for BSG members.

View the full BSG Policy for this award.

How to apply

Please complete the application form here.

Below are the fields you’ll need to complete.

  • Describe your personal research development: 200 words
  • Provide evidence of individuality of concepts and ideas in your research field: 200 words
  • Provide evidence of looking towards best practice from outside your own centre nationally & internationally in your academic area: 200 words
  • Describe evidence of your own degree of contribution to attributable academic achievements: 200 words
  • Provide details of your innovation in research for the benefit of patients and the public: 200 words
  • Describe any experience of working in partnership with clinical partners, external stakeholders and/or co-production with patients: 200 words
  • Give details of wider working in the field e.g. relevant positions held, grant applications, grant & journal reviewing: no word limit
  • Provide details of dissemination & engaging others in research work e.g. book chapters, articles, papers, teaching, presentations, and course development: no word limit

Judging information

A panel of BSG reviewers recruited by the Trainee Section Committee will select their top 3 applicants which will then be scored as below and the scores from all reviewers totalled:

  • 1st place = 3 points
  • 2nd place = 2 points
  • 3rd place = 1 point


The panel is selected by the BSG Trainees Chair and is a selection of eminent individuals in their field. A diverse selection of reviewers from different backgrounds are invited to ensure a fair system is in place. To ensure the process is fair for all applicants, the reviewers are also kept anonymous. Reviewers will declare any conflicts of interest before the process, and are removed if this is the case.

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