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Barbers’ Company Award for Trainees in Gastroenterology

Updated on: 06 Jan 2022   First published on 06 Jul 2021

The Barbers’ Company Award for Trainees in Gastroenterology was introduced in 2021, and has been established by the Barber’s Company in memory of Sir Francis Avery Jones, past Master of the Barbers’ Company and past President of the BSG.

The purpose of the award is to help provide a UK trainee in gastroenterology or hepatology with an opportunity to gain training that would not otherwise be available as part of his/her training programme, or to develop a clinical service that will benefit patients.

The value of the award is £3,000 per annum. Any application for an award should show how the clinical service or training would bring benefit to patients. If the award is for training, the application should show how receipt of funds will enable training that would not otherwise be available within a candidate’s current training programme.

Within these broad aims, the award may be used for any aspect of the project, including travel and subsistence. Applications will make clear exactly how any grant will be used and what if any other sources of finance have been applied for.

We welcome applications from trainee physicians at any stage of their training. We will also accept applications from fellows and new consultants, though it will be expected that applicants will be in training when they have made their application. Applicants should be a BSG member.

This award is closed for 2021.


The panel is selected by the BSG Trainees Chair and is a selection of eminent individuals in their field. A diverse selection of reviewers from different backgrounds are invited to ensure a fair system is in place. To ensure the process is fair for all applicants, the reviewers are also kept anonymous. Reviewers will declare any conflicts of interest before the process, and are removed if this is the case.

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