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Arthur Hurst Lecture

Updated on: 08 Feb 2022   First published on 20 Jan 2021

The annual Arthur Hurst lecture award is granted at the president’s discretion and the winner is invited to give a keynote lecture at the BSG Annual Meeting.

The winner will also receive a copy of the Arthur Hurst lectures book rebound with their lecture included, and inscribed by the President.

Sir Arthur Hurst Lecture Recording

This video is the Sir Arthur Hurst Lecture by Professor Emad M El-Omar, Professor of Medicine, Editor-in-Chief of Gut, Director at UNSW Microbiome Research Centre, and University of New South Wales, on “The Acid Offering”. It was recorded at the Annual Meeting 2021 Online, which took place virtually on 8th – 12th November 2021.

Previous Winners

Year Winner
2021 Professor Emad El-Omar
2020 Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald
2019 Professor Fiona Powrie
2018  Professor Ken McColl
2017 Professor Jon Rhodes
2016 Michael Camilleri
2015 Professor David Adams
2014 Professor Michael Farthing
2013 Professor Andrew Burroughs
2012 Professor CJ Hawkey
2011 Professor R Spiller
2010 Professor B Marshall
2009 Professor DG Thompson
2008 Professor G Keusch
2007 Professor G Dockray
2006 Professor DP Jewell
2005 Professor PB Cotton
2004 Professor JI Gordon
2003 Professor HJF Hodgson
2002 Professor H Bismuth
2001 Professor DY Graham
2000 Sir Richard Sykes
1998 Professor S Moncada
1997 Professor NA Wright
1996 Professor JR Bennett
1995 Professor LW Powell
1994 Professor T Starzl
1993 Professor W Silen
1992 Professor J Dent
1991 Sir Walter Bodmer
1990 Professor J-P Benhamou
1989 Professor J Holmgren
1988 Professor Sir David Weatherall
1987 Sir Christopher Booth
1986 Dr. KG Wormsley
1985 Professor J Forte
1984 Professor LA Turnberg
1983 Dr. KN Jeejeebhoy
1982 Sir J Black
1981 Professor H Sarles
1980 Sir A Parks
1979 Professor BS Blumberg
1978 Professor Dame Sheila Sherlock
1977 Dr. JS Fordtran
1976 Professor JC Goligher
1975 Dr. R Williams
1974 Dr. AF Hofmann
1973 Dr. JE Lennard-Jones
1972 Dr. MI Grossman
1971 Dr. BC Morson
1970 Dr. KJ Isselbacher
1969 Dr. RK Crane
1968 Dr. B Creamer
1967 Dr. CF Code

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