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The Alistair McIntyre Prize for Improving Gastroenterology Training

Updated on: 08 Mar 2022   First published on 03 May 2021

The Alistair McIntyre Prize for Improving Gastroenterology Training is designed to support work that may improve gastroenterology training in the UK.

The top 3 scoring applicants will be entered into the ‘Educational Dragon’s Den’, which will be held at the Trainees section Symposium at the BSG Annual Meeting. These applicants will complete a presentation and then be questioned by our “dragons”. The winner will receive the Alistair McIntyre Prize and an award of £1,000. The two runners up will receive £500 each to contribute to their project.


The award is open to any BSG member who is training in gastroenterology in the UK. This includes members of the BSG Trainee Section Committee not directly involved in the organisation of the award. Applications are welcomed from doctors in LAT posts, as well as those in numbered posts.

The proposal must look at an aspect of training in Gastroenterology but there are no specific restrictions on the nature of the work. Appropriate submissions would include research projects, high-quality audits, qualitative studies, or local training initiatives. This can be a project that has already been completed or is currently being undertaken. Whilst all applications are encouraged, projects which are still at the proposal stage will be ranked lower than those that are already underway/completed.

The 3 shortlisted applicants must be available to participate at the ‘Educational Dragon’s Den’ at the BSG Annual Meeting.

View the full BSG Policy for this award.

Conditions of the Award

The successful applicants must submit a short report (300 – 500 words) to the Trainees’ Section within 12 months of the award. The report should include a summary of the work undertaken and an outline of the results. Applications are anonymised prior to being assessed by a panel approved by the BSG. The personal statement should contain a full description of the work that has been undertaken and a description of why the work is relevant to current training and what remaining work needs to be done and how it will be actioned.

Examples of previous submissions

  • A project to create an automatic upload system to synchronise endoscopy reports and JETS automatically
  • A smartphone application to help paediatric IBD phenotyping by utilising clinically useful information
  • A project using questionnaires and feedback groups to improve local educational supervision
  • A study to examine the availability and use of endoscopy simulators throughout the UK with a survey of trainee’s attitudes towards them
  • A project to develop and evaluate a local gastroenterology training survey
  • A proposal to redesign the content and delivery of a local gastroenterology teaching programme
  • A series of seminars to add training in generic skills including medical leadership, management, communications skills, public health and quality improvement to a local gastroenterology training programme
  • A project to develop a new DOPS tool for training and assessment of upper GI bleeding
  • A syllabus-based gastroenterology website specifically aimed at trainees
  • An initiative aimed at improving safety, efficiency and quality in endoscopy through enhanced teamwork and endoscopic nontechnical skills (ENTS)

Application Process

Applications will close on 11th March 2022. This award is reserved for BSG members.

How to apply

Please complete the application form here.

Below are the fields you’ll need to complete:

  • Please provide a personal statement that includes details of your project: 1000 words

Judging information

Applications are reviewed and finalists agreed by a panel recruited by the Trainees’ Section Committee. The reviewers will be asked to select their top 3 applicants, and then score them as below and the scores from all the reviewers totalled.

  • 1st place = 3 points
  • 2nd place = 2 points
  • 3rd place = 1 point


The panel is selected by the BSG Trainees Chair and is a selection of eminent individuals in their field. A diverse selection of reviewers from different backgrounds are invited to ensure a fair system is in place. To ensure the process is fair for all applicants, the reviewers are also kept anonymous. Reviewers will declare any conflicts of interest before the process, and are removed if this is the case.

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