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Education Committee

The BSG is keen to enhance the exposure of the many excellent educational events that take place across the UK by providing BSG endorsement for the event.

Name Position Year
Dr Ayesha Akbar Chair 2018-2020
Dr Cathryn Edwards BSG President 2018-2020
Dr Alastair McKinlay BSG President-elect 2018-2020
Dr Stuart McPherson BSG Senior Secretary 2019-2021
Prof Adrian Stanley BSG Secretary 2019-2021
Dr Harriet Gordon Council Member Interim
Dr Andrew Muller Council Member Interim
Ms Sarah Kelly AGIP 2017-
Dr Shaji Sebastian (TBC) Adolescents & Young Persons 2014
Dr Barry Campbell Basic Science 2015-
Dr Ana Wilson Colorectal 2015-
Dr Neil Fisher Endoscopy 2016-
Dr Ian Beales Gastroduodenal 2017-
Dr Helen Steed IBD 2015-
Dr Deepak Joshi Liver (Section Secretary) 2017-
Dr Dina Mansour Liver 2019-
Dr Adam Farmer Neurogastroenterology/Motility 2015-
Dr Mark Fullard Oesophageal 2017-
Dr Andy Hopper Pancreatic 2017-
Dr Philip Kaye Pathology 2015-
Dr Jeremy Woodward Small Bowel & Nutrition 2015-
Dr E Taylor Trainees 2017-
Dr Bev Oates Training Committee 2016-
Prof Reena Sidhu Web Editor 2018-