CSSC Regional Representatives

The BSG has 14 Regional Reps representing 11 English regions and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They attend CSSC meetings and produce reports detailing the main issues in each region thereby giving a highly valuable insight into service issues.

Our regional reps are tasked to develop networks of clinical reps in each hospital in their region with the aim of establishing links and regular forums so that information can be exchanged between what is happening locally with the dissemination of good practice, guidelines and quality improvement from BSG and its members; for example, enabling sections to push out their guidelines or care bundles to our members in the frontline for implementation.

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“The role of the BSG regional reps is as important now as it has ever been. Coordinating regional intelligence on the challenges faced by colleagues is a hugely fulfilling role. The associated responsibility of functioning at the RCP Regional Specialty Advisor (RSA), overseeing the considered approval of new consultant post job descriptions, provides a very practical way of influencing the care delivered in your region.

The BSG clinical standards and services committee (CSSC) is a key professional forum ultimately responsible for the quality of care delivered to UK patients with gastrointestinal disease. Representation from the various BSG section committees brings state of the art guidelines, recommendations and policy. That work needs to be complemented and refined by the input from regional reps reflecting the practical, day to day experience of colleagues.

I would encourage any colleague with a desire to “make a difference” to patients with gastrointestinal disease to consider taking on the role of BSG regional representative.”

Jeremy Shearman, West Midlands Regional Representative, 2018-21

Recruitment for new Regional Representatives on the Clinical Standards and Services Committee (CSSC) is underway, and I would encourage colleagues to consider applying. The Committee plays a key role in quality improvement (ably led by Bernard Brett and his team), BSG guidelines, (Rupert Ransford) and clinical standards across the four nations (Andrew Douds as Committee Chair leads this and other work streams). There are 14 Regional Reps representing the 11 English regions, and Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and each have a deputy representative to support them, a total of 28 reps. In 2020, the committee was restructured and the regional representatives were given a dedicated meeting with the Chair. This has considerably strengthened the Committee as was evident by the response to the COVID-19 pandemic the subsequent recovery pressures which we now endure.

Read more from Dr Nick Mitchell, Regional Representative

BSG Regional Representatives

Name Region Area End of Term

Dr Ben Disney

Deputy Regional Rep – West Midlands 21/06/2024
Prof Peter Hayes Deputy Scotland 21/06/2024
Dr Monica Bose East England 06/01/2023
Dr James Stewart East Midlands 06/01/2021
Dr Sathis Mogan East of England 01/06/2024
Dr Philip Hall Ireland 06/01/2022
Dr Roisin Bevan North East 06/01/2021
Dr Laith Alrubaiy North London 06/01/2021
Dr Yeng Ang North West – Gr Manchester 06/01/2021
Dr Joseph Collum North West – Gr Manchester 06/01/2023
Dr Andrew Moore North West Mersey 06/01/2023
Dr Neeraj Bhala Regional Rep – West Midlands 06/01/2024
Dr Gillian Mullholland Scotland 21/06/2024
Dr Ravi Madhotra South Central (Oxforshire) 06/01/2021
Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman South Central (Oxforshire) 06/01/2024
Dr Andrew Fowell South Central (Wessex) 06/01/2023
Dr Suranga  Dharmaisri South Central (Wessex) 21/06/2024
Dr Michelle Gallagher South East Coast 06/01/2022
Dr Prayman Sattianayagam South East Coast 06/01/2022
Dr David Reffitt South London 06/01/2021
Dr Nick Michell South West 06/01/2021
Dr Ben Colleypriest South West 06/01/2023
Dr Peter Neville Wales 07/02/2022