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Association of GI Physiologists Committee

The Association of Gastrointestinal Physiologists (AGIP) is an Associate group within the British Society of Gastroenterology, inaugurated in 1991.

AGIP has an elected Council and members attend Professional Bodies meetings to ensure that the interests of GI Clinical Scientists / GI Physiologists continue to be represented during the process of shaping the future of diagnostic services within the UK. AGIP works with The National School of Healthcare Science to manage the national recruitment for postgraduate entry to the Scientist Training Programme for GI Clinical Scientists and the Higher Specialist Scientific Training programmes.

AGIP has established the Accredited Scientific Practice (ASP) programme which enables employers to develop bespoke short courses to meet training needs of its Healthcare Science workforce. AGIP is also a member and active participant of the Professional Bodies Council, Academy of Healthcare Science which aims for a clear ‘One Voice’ to represent the majority of over 65,000 people working in the profession of Healthcare Science across the UK.

AGIP organises an annual ‘Upper GI Physiology & Therapy Masterclass’ which this year is to be held at the Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4LE on the Tuesday 17th November 2020.

Association of GI Physiologists Committee

Name Position Year
Dr Rami Sweis President 2018 – 2021
Mr Warren Jackson Chairperson 2018 – 2021
Prof Stephen Attwood AGIP Upper GI Clinical Member 2017 – 2020
Miss Karen Nugent AGIP Lower GI Clinical Member 2019 – 2022
Ms Joanne Hayes Honorary Treasurer 2018 – 2021
Ms Sarah Kelly Education Secretary 2017 – 2020
Dr Anthony Hobson Research Secretary 2019 – 2022
Dr Steve Perring Publication (inc New Wave) Secretary 2018 – 2021
Dr Tanya Miller Accreditation Officer 2018 – 2021
Ms Jennifer Burke Membership Secretary 2018 -2021
Dr Emma Jones AGIP Representative – IQIPS 2019 – 2022
Ms Kumud Solanki Minute Secretary 2018 – 2021
Dr Jafar Jafari Symposium Secretary 2019 – 2022

Fellow and Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellow of the Association of GI Physiologists
John Bancewicz
C Paul Barham
John de Caestecker
Graeme S Duthie
RobertC Heading
Brian Johnston
Michael A Kahm
John Lennard-Jones
William J Owen
Anne Pryde
Janet A Wilson
Fellows of the Association of GI Physiologists
Warren Jackson
Kathy Noble
Elisa Wrightham
Retired Fellows
Angela Anggiansah
Josephire D Barlow
Graham K Buckton
Paddy Byrne
David F Evans
Angela Gardiner
Kevin R Haylett
Julie Hogan
Lesley Irvine
Lena Payne
Lynne Smith
Jane Stratford
Patricia Vales