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BSG Pancreas Clinical Research Group

Updated on: 29 Oct 2021   First published on 29 Oct 2021

The Pancreas Clinical Research Group (CRG) was formed in 2019 to strengthen the representation of the specialty in the BSG Research Committee, and to promote and support more people to participate in pancreas research across the UK.  Since its inception, the CRG has been very active and shared its vision as part of the new BSG Research Strategy 2021 – 2024.

The CRG is working towards grant applications on numerous research studies (including BAC-PAC study, CHIP study, Incidence of pancreatitis following EUS biopsy) with an opportunity for all interested BSG members to participate in these and future studies.

The CRG is incredibly excited to have established the Pancreatitis “Priority Setting Partnership” (PSP) in September 2021. This is a collaborative, co-funded project with the BSG, Guts UK, and the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (PSGBI), run with the help of James Lind Alliance (JLA). The PSP will help to identify and prioritise unanswered questions in the area of pancreatitis, and prioritise future research studies in these areas. As part of the consultation process, a questionnaire survey will be sent out to all the stakeholders through the BSG. We look forward to your participation.

There are also exciting opportunities in the forthcoming CRG elections for involvement in the work of the Pancreas CRG in the roles of a trainee registrar and nurse specialist with research interest. We welcome all eligible candidates to apply for this position.

Dr Vikram Mitra

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