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BSG Adolescents and Young Persons Section

Updated on: 11 Nov 2021   First published on 11 Nov 2021

The Adolescents and Young Persons (AYP) committee is unique in that it sheds defined boundaries around paediatric and adult Gastroenterology and Hepatology, bringing them closer together with an overlap defined by an adolescent and young person age group.  To this end, the committee is very diverse consisting of paediatric and adult gastroenterologists/hepatologists covering specialist fields such as IBD, neuro-gastroenterology and motility, hepatology and endoscopy, adult/paediatric clinical nurse specialists, and adult/ paediatric gastroenterology/ hepatology trainee reps.

Over the last five years, the section has developed UK guideline on transition of adolescent and young persons with chronic digestive diseases from paediatric to adult care published in Gut in 2017, and is currently leading a priority setting partnership with the James Lind Alliance on Digital Technology for Adolescents and Young Persons with Inflammatory Bowel Disease supported by BSPGHAN and NIHR Children and Young People MedTech Co-operative.  The committee is also working in collaboration with BSPGHAN on a position statement for endoscopy in adolescents. We completed two surveys: the first on adolescent and transitional gastroenterology service delivery and training, and the second on young persons and clinicians experience of virtual gastroenterology clinic consultations.  The committee was recently invited as a stakeholder in the NICE guideline on babies, children. and young people’s experience of healthcare.

Prevailing aspirations are to integrate adolescent gastroenterology/hepatology into BSG-specific topic guidelines with three projects already in preparation collaboratively with the hepatology, IBD, and neuro-gastroenterology and motility sections of the BSG. We are looking for opportunities to work on similar projects with the colorectal and oesophageal groups.

The AYP committee plans to foster new links with paediatric gastroenterology organisations in Europe and the States, for cross fertilisation of ideas and joint educational events of interest to paediatric and adult gastroenterologists.  Following a COVID-induced pause in educational events, the committee is restarting monothematic study days and workshops following a very successful first joint BSG-BSPGHAN symposium on Gastrointestinal Disorders in Adolescence and Effective Transition of care hosted by Sheffield in 2019, with the first face-to-face event planned for Liverpool in 2022 followed by London in 2023.

We are always looking for keen applicants who may wish to join the committee that bridges the link between paediatric and adult gastroenterology/hepatology fields to promote developmentally appropriate healthcare and foster new ideas to improve outcomes for this vulnerable age group.

Naila Arebi, Chair of the AYP committee

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