Third BSG SpR Training Programme – September 2010

Please find below a selection of presentations from September 2010's annual SpR Educational Meeting chaired by Professor Janusz Jankowski which focused on topical aspects of IBD, liver disease, management and career progression. A further SpR training meeting is being planned for June 2011.

Overview of Diagnosis and Management of Gastrenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours - Dr Christos Toumpanakis

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How to make it big as a consultant - Dr Pradeep Bhandari

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How do we Screen Colitis and When? - Dr James East

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Does Genetics help us Understand or Manage IBD? - Dr Miles Parkes

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When to use targeted therapy for Crohn's disease - Dr Chris Probert

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Management of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C - Dr Allister Grant

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Setting up a Liver Service - Dr Allister Grant

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UC, Cancer, & Chemoprevention - Dr Nikki Burch

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What would I do the same and what would I do differently? - Dr Nigel Trudgill

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