JAG Trainee Certification Process

Over the last 18 months, the JAG has carried out an extensive review and consultation on the way that trainees are assessed as competent at endoscopy. This letter is to inform you of the changes, provide you with the rationale for the changes and give you a timeline for implementation.

Firstly, the term accreditation is changing to certification to help distinguish this process from the endoscopy unit accreditation process.

Trainees have fed back that the application process for certification can be paper heavy and cumbersome. In response to this, the JAG have designed and released the JETS e-portfolio. From mid March 2011 the application process will be streamlined; you will be able to apply through the JETS e-portfolio. From September 2011, all applications will have to be submitted through the JETS e-portfolio. If needed, supplementary paper evidence will be permitted until at least 2012.

Further infomation is contained in the .pdf file below:

Third BSG SpR Training Programme – September 2010

Please find below a selection of presentations from September 2010's annual SpR Educational Meeting chaired by Professor Janusz Jankowski which focused on topical aspects of IBD, liver disease, management and career progression. A further SpR training meeting is being planned for June 2011.

Overview of Diagnosis and Management of Gastrenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours - Dr Christos Toumpanakis

Download Presentation [ 6.8 Mb ]

How to make it big as a consultant - Dr Pradeep Bhandari

Download Presentation [ 1.5 Mb ]

How do we Screen Colitis and When? - Dr James East

Download Presentation [ 7.1 Mb ]

Does Genetics help us Understand or Manage IBD? - Dr Miles Parkes

Download Presentation [ 4.1 Mb ]

When to use targeted therapy for Crohn's disease - Dr Chris Probert

Download Presentation [ 3.6 Mb ]

Management of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C - Dr Allister Grant

Download Presentation [ 1.2 Mb ]

Setting up a Liver Service - Dr Allister Grant

Download Presentation [ 2.9 Mb ]

UC, Cancer, & Chemoprevention - Dr Nikki Burch

Download Presentation [ 0.7 Mb ]

What would I do the same and what would I do differently? - Dr Nigel Trudgill

Download Presentation [ 1.4 Mb ]

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