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BSG Taster Membership Site Update, January 2015

The new membership year starts for the BSG in January. Hot on the heels of the success of the Taster Course run at UCL by the BSG Trainee Section we are keen to retain and sustain the interest in Taster Membership. For those of you not able to attend the course in December you may want to get a flavour of the day and of our specialty with the Benefits of Taster Membership video. If you are just about to take up your specialist training in gastroenterology don't forget that you will be eligible to assume full Trainee Membership of the BSG and may want to plan to attend the specific training conferences supported by the BSG Trainees, one of the most vibrant sections of our Society.

I would like to encourage you to consider participating in this year's Annual Scientific Meeting to be held at the Excel, London in June. The first day of the conference is a dedicated post graduate day on all aspects of GI and Liver cancer, from aetiology, to diagnosis and management. It's a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the specialty, augment your knowledge and have fun all at the same time! There is a special flat rate for Taster Members which represents fantastic value and allows you to attend just one or all four days. This year the conference is not just the BSG meeting but a federated congress between surgical, medical nutrition and hepatology societies and the whole programme has a multidisciplinary feel. Visit the dedicated website here.

If you are involved with your medical school, hospital's medical or surgical gastroenterology units, nutrition or endoscopy services, consider submitting your research (laboratory or clinical) to this meeting. Abstract submission is open and closes on February 27th 2015. The opportunity to present your work on moderated poster rounds or during a free paper session as an oral presentation is a useful addition to your CV!

Looking beyond DDF, keep an eye on this site for continued postings of key articles form GUT and Frontline Gastroenterology and a new top tips feature on key aspects on your professional careers before Specialist Training.

We are always happy to hear from you directly or via the Trainee Section's "ask a question facility." Don't hesitate – think about submitting an abstract – you know you could do it …….

Best Wishes,
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Autumn Update 2014 – Plans for Better Support for BSG Taster Members

Dr Cathryn Edwards, BSG Senior Secretary

Cathrn Edwards, BSG Senior SecretaryWelcome to all new Taster Members! The Annual Scientific Conference in Manchester 2014 proved a popular and enjoyable meeting. Programme highlights included Monday's Gastro Master Class, CORE's Wednesday science session and Thursday's symposium on Inflammation run by Profession John McLaughlin, Research Chair of the BSG. Great feedback was also received on the Gastroenterology in Pregnancy session run by the Trainee Section of the BSG.

Social highlights included the conference party at 'Gorilla' and 'Gastrocycle' a sponsored cycle from London to Manchester to support CORE research. The peloton arrived at the conference centre the day before the Master Class and was greeted by a crowd of supporters.

Plans are afoot for next year's meeting which will be a federated conference (June 22nd - 25th 2015 Excel London), involving the British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL); the Association of Coloproctology (ACP); the Association of Upper GI Surgeons (AUGIS) and the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN). This means the sessions will cover multidisciplinary topics and provide an integrated approach to gastroenterological medicine, nutrition and surgery. The post - graduate day on the Monday (22nd June) will focus on the theme of GI cancer medicine and surgery and will culminate in MDT case studies at the end of the session. The day finishes with an entertaining lecture on 'Doctors and the Media' followed by networking and drinks. Registration opens from December this year – with heavily discounted rates for taster members. Don't miss it!

Over the next year, I hope to expand the benefits and supports we offer to taster members. Discussion is underway as to how we best achieve this in the BSG. If you wish to add your voice to this debate, I am happy as always to hear from you on this or about other topics at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr Falk Pharma UK/Core Awards 2015

The Dr Falk Pharma UK/Core Awards 2015


The Dr Falk/Core awards recognise those who bring new knowledge and insight to the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. For those committed to furthering research or patient care, this year's awards are an opportunity to achieve national recognition as well as the financial support for career progression.

This year's prizes include:

  • A £1,000 essay prize for medical students on BSc or MRes courses
  • Four £1,500 bursaries for medical students taking full time science degrees
  • Two £2,500 bursaries to support research for F1/F2 doctors
  • A £1,000 award for primary and secondary care nurses for initiatives which have advanced patient care.

The application deadline is 5pm on Monday 16th March 2015. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

Please visit Core's website to download an application form.

Welcome to the BSG Taster Membership Microsite!

The BSG has re-launched its Taster Membership scheme to promote Gastroenterology to aspiring medical students and all junior trainees pre-ST3. We are looking to attract students, foundation doctors and Core medical trainees who show enthusiasm for gastroenterology by participation in audit, research SSU's or other gastroenterology related projects. Benefits of this scheme include access to a tailored microsite on the BSG website, with educational content, political commentary and an informal mentoring scheme (supported by the BSG Trainee section). Substantially reduced conference rates are available for BSG scientific meetings and submission of abstracts to the BSG scientific meeting is actively encouraged. To apply go to the members area and complete the online application form. Cost is minimal (£15pa). The support of a BSG member is needed to join the Society and their BSG membership number should be included on your application (this could be a gastroenterologist who is your educational/clinical supervisor or a supervising gastroenterologist for your clinical attachment, SSU or foundation post). After your first payment of £15 all future payments will be taken by direct debit.

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Meet Your Committee...

Name: Dr Charlotte Rutter

Position: Chair

Grade: ST7

I currently work in Gloucester as a Severn Deanery trainee. I started out as a basic surgical trainee but a career in medicine appealed as I missed the diagnostic challenge of being a physician.

Gastroenterology is a varied specialty combining patients of all ages, acute emergencies, such as upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and enables you to utilise your practical skills in endoscopy. It is a fantastic choice of specialty and I look forward to offering advice to any potential gastroenterologists in the making!

Ask Charlotte a Question:

Name: Dr Laith Alrubaiy

Position: Secretary

Grade: ST4

I am an academic clinical trainee in Gastroenterology from Wales. What I like about the specialty is the diversity of patients and their presentations. Gastroenterology combines both the theoretical aspect of medicine with the practical skills of endoscopy. You won't get bored doing Gastroenterology, as you will come across new challenging cases on daily bases. Anyone is welcome to join us, as there is always a need for young and enthusiastic gastroenterologists.

Ask a Question:

Name: Dr Phil Smith

Position: Former Chair

Representing: NE Thames

Grade: Specialty Registrar, ST4

I am a Gastroenterology SpR and MRC Clinical Research training Fellow at UCL, and also Secretary of the BSG trainees section and representative for North East Thames. My drive for becoming a Gastroenterologist stems from my own experience of living with Crohn's disease. Coming from a non-medical background, my aim is to always help others get the 'insider's guide' needed to succeed in this exciting specialty.

Ask Phil a Question:

Name: Dr Max Hu

Representing: Northern

Grade: StR5

Interests:Endoscopy & Medical Education

Ask Max a Question:
Dr Max Hu

Name: Dr Sujata Biswas

Representing: Oxford

Grade: ST6

Interests: Luminal gastroenterology with interest in endoscopy and IBD

I am a Gastro trainee and MRC clinical research training fellow in Oxford. I was drawn to Gastroenterology by the wide spectrum of disease and the diversity of the patient population. I like the contrast of acute emergencies with chronic illness management. It's certainly not a specialty you get bored in easily and there's of course plenty of scope for research. It won't disappoint!

Ask Sujata a Question:
Dr Sujata Biswas

Name: Dr Georgina Chadwick

Representing: NW Thames

Grade: ST6

Interests: Advanced Endoscopy

I am a Gastroenterology SpR in NW Thames region, currently taking time out in research at the Royal College of Surgeons.
I chose Gastroenetrology because it gave the perfect opportunity to combine the diagnostic skills of a physician with the practical skills of surgeon. As a result my main area of interest is endoscopy.

Ask Georgina a Question:

Name: Dr Pete Basford

Representing: Wessex

Grade: ST6

I am a specialist registrar currently in an endoscopy research post at Portsmouth Hospitals. Gastroenterology is a great specialty offering a balance between ward, clinic, and the practical skills of endoscopy.

Ask Pete a Question:

Name: Dr Nidhi Sagar

Representing: West Midlands

Grade: Clinical Research Fellow in Gastroenterology (ST6)

Interests: Luminal gastroenterology, general hepatology and postgraduate medical education

Ask Nidhi a Question:
Dr Nidhi Sagar

Name: Dr Shivaram Bhat

Representing: Northern Ireland

Grade: ST5

Interests: IBD, Barrett's Oesophagus

Ask Shivaram a Question:

Name: Dr Prakash Ramachandran

Representing: East of Scotland

Grade: ST4

Interests: Hepatology, Academic Medicine, Basic Science Research

Ask Prakash a Question:

Name: Dr Margaret Corrigan

Representing: Mersey

Grade: ST5

Interests: Hepatology, Medical Education

Ask Margaret a Question:

Name: Dr Joe Geraghty

Representing: North West

Grade: ST6

Interests: Endoscopy, HPB

Ask Joe a Question:

Name: Dr Shairoz Samji

Representing: Yorkshire & Humber

Grade: ST5

Interests: Endoscopy, Medical Education

Ask Shairoz a Question:

Name: Dr Durayd Alzoubaidi

Representing: East of England

Grade: ST5

Interests: Upper GI and Hepatology

Ask Durayd a Question:

Name: Dr Elaine Robertson

Representing: West of Scotland

Grade: ST5

Interests: General Gastroenterology with an interest in oesophageal disorders and IBD

I knew from early on that I wanted to do hospital medicine but wasn't sure about a specialty. One of the gastroenterology consultants that I worked with during my medical rotation was very enthusiastic. She encouraged me to come along to scope lists and supported my training in clinics and on the ward. A career in gastro was a natural progression. I definitely made the right decision. I really enjoy scoping and there's a good mix of clinical challenges from the patients with chronic illnesses like IBD to the acutely unwell patients with liver disease. I would highly recommend it!

Ask Elaine a Question:

Name: Dr Louise China

Representing: NE Thames

Grade: ST5 (OOPR)

Interests: Hepatology, Medical Education

I'm a Gastroenterology SpR currently undertaking a Hepatology research fellowship (3 years) and have just finished a year out as a clinical teaching fellow at UCL medical school. I chose Gastroenterology not only because of the variety, but also because of the people you get to work with - Gastroenterologists tend to be an intelligent, competitive and aspirational bunch who are good fun! The range of patients (age, condition & personality) and the practical side mean you'll never have a boring day at work. There's also many avenues other than clinical work you can explore within the specialty.

Ask Louise a Question:

Name: Dr Charlotte Ford

Representing: S Thames

Grade: ST6

Interests: IBD, Medical education

Ask Charlotte a Question:

Name: Dr Fergus JQ Chedgy

Representing: KSS

Grade: ST6 (Currently OOPR)

Interests: Advanced Endoscopy, Research, Barrett's Oesophagus

I am Gastroenterology registrar in the KSS region, currently taking time out to do research in Endoscopy. I have found Gastroenterology the perfect career choice as it offers a balance of both acute and chronic diseases, with the opportunity to develop practical skills in endoscopy. I don't think I could have chosen better!

Ask Fergus a Question: