Trainees' Committee

Dr Charlotte Rutter Chair Severn and SW Peninsula 2012
Dr Laith Alrubaiy Secretary Wales 2013
Dr Phil Smith Former Chair   2011
Dr Pete Basford Member Wessex 2012
Dr Shivaram Bhat Member Northern Ireland 2012
Dr Georgina Chadwick Member JAG (Training Working Group) &
NW Thames
Dr Prakash Ramachandran Member BSG Information Group & BASL &
East Scotland
Dr Margaret Corrigan Member Mersey 2013
Dr Joe Geraghty Member North West 2013
Dr Shairoz Samji Member Yorkshire & Humber 2013
Dr Max Hu Member Northern 2014
Dr Sujata Biswas Member Oxford 2014
Dr Elaine Robertson Member West Scotland 2014
Dr Durayd Alzoubaidi Member East of England 2014
Dr Shivkumar Budihal Member East Midlands 2014
Dr Louise China Member NE Thames 2014
Dr Fergus Chedgy Member KSS 2014
Dr Charlotte Ford Member South Thames 2014
Dr Nidhi Sagar Member West Midlands 2014
Dr James Callaghan Ex-officio   2013
Dr Fiona Cameron Ex-officio TIPGHAN / BSPGHAN 2013
Dr Liz Harrison Ex-officio BAPEN 2013
Dr Jessica Dyson Ex-officio BASL 2014
BSG Trainee Clinical Section Committee Representatives
Dr Alenka Brooks Adolescent & Young Persons   2013
Dr David Tate Endoscopy   2013
Dr Ben Disney Gastroduodenal   2013
Dr Bahman Shokouhi Inflammatory Bowel Disease   2013
Dr Grace Dolman Liver   2013
Dr Chander Shekhar Neurogastroenterologv & Motility   2013
Dr Sebastian Zeki Oesophageal   2013
Dr Matthew Huggett Pancreas   2013
Dr Sebastian Zeki Pathology   2013
Dr Mani Naghibi & Dr Mayar Kumar Small Bowel & Nutrition   2013
Dr Jesica Makanyanga Radiology   2013

All gastroenterology trainees who are BSG members will automatically become members of the Trainees' Section (TS) of the BSG. We aim to promote and safeguard gastroenterology training by undertaking the following activities:

  • 2 yearly national survey of trainees' opinions
  • Planning trainees' symposium at the BSG annual meeting
  • Planning & organising the annual BSG SpR training day
  • Planning & organising the annual SpR management training weekend
  • BSG TS awards for OOPE & improvements in training in gastroenterology
  • Represent the views of trainees at the BSG and other specialist organisations
  • Provide a forum for members to discuss matters related to training and the transition to future posts
  • Provide an opportunity for members to network at meetings for both educational and social purposes


Trainees Section Minutes January 2014 [ 112 kb ]

Trainees Section Minutes September 2013 [ 96 kb ]

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Trainees Section Minutes January 2013 [ 22 kb ]

Trainees Section Minutes September 2012 [ 93 kb ]

Trainees Section Minutes April 2012 [ 90 kb ]