BSG Management Weekend 2013

to prepare gastroenterology StRs for leadership of complex health care systems

The annual BSG Management Weekend for StRs was held on 15th – 17th March in Warwick and was well attended by registrars from throughout the UK. The weekend’s interactive sessions were led by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Service Improvement Team, highlighting NHS targets that have been prioritised by the Royal College of Physicians. The main focus was on clinical microsystems and the redesign of services led by clinicians, enabling quality improvement.

The weekend commenced with an informal dinner and speech from Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the BSG President, who gave us his “20 Top Tips” on becoming a consultant, including those to bear in mind whilst a registrar along the way. The morning sessions focussed on understanding the principle of process design to improve quality and to learn strategies to engage staff in improving quality using data. The process of “focus, pull and standard work” was described as a method to develop a service which delivers exceptional quality. This session was followed by an example of how a clinical microsystem can be redesigned by multi-disciplinary members of the team and thus taking advantage of their insights to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and how to make improvements. The morning finished with a highly enjoyable, interactive, team based session entitled “Paper Airplane Factory” which demonstrated how streamlining teamwork can improve service delivery whilst ensuring quality is maintained.

Lunch was followed by a talk from Tom Smith, the Chief Executive of the BSG, who discussed some of the challenges facing the BSG within the structure of NHS reforms. The afternoon sessions focussed on understanding the complexity of capacity and demand and how clinic templates are designed depending on agreed new to follow-up ratios. Finally two registrars volunteered for the interview fishbowl sessions which highlighted interview technique and questions regarding the NHS and service provision that will be asked at consultant interview. The weekend ended with a very enjoyable dinner at a local restaurant.

Feedback from the StRs who attended was very positive and 100% of respondees said they would recommend the course to other trainees.

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