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Information and resources to assist local adoption of the practice guidance on the management of acute and chronic GI problems arising as a result of treatment for cancer

Monday, 07 October 2013 09:07

The BSG and NCSI wish to encourage and support a range of local initiatives to adopt the guidance. This newly updated resource pack is intended to provide gastroenterology and oncology teams with advice and links to practical materials and support from Macmillan Cancer Support, to help develop a whole pathway approach to managing gastrointestinal and other effects of cancer treatments.

This resource pack now provides a link to the Optimising Radiotherapy Bowel Injury Therapy (ORBIT) study.

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Interventional Radiology: Improving Quality and Outcomes for Patients

Tuesday, 01 December 2009 08:53

Interventional Radiology: Improving Quality and Outcomes for Patients. A Report from the National Imaging Board

The National Imaging programme is lead by Dr Erika Denton, National Clinical Lead for Diagnostic Imaging and chair of the National Imaging Board. The Imaging Programmes focus has been on reducing waiting times for imaging services in line with the 18 weeks target. The focus is now on sustaining these low waits; along with addressing wider diagnostic imaging issues to improve the quality of services and enhance the patient experience.

A sub-group of the National Imaging Board, has produced this report to inform and stimulate discussion about how Interventional Radiology (IR) Services can support the quality and productivity agenda. The document has been produced by interventional radiologists, nurses, radiographers, a patient representative and members of the Department of Health and National Imaging Board.

The report illustrates how the NHS can improve quality, safety and productivity while delivering comparable or better outcomes for patients with shorter hospital stays and fewer major complications. It suggests and describes how IR services can help to ensure patient safety whilst delivering the highest quality care.'


Thursday, 05 March 2009 10:36

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