National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit

Dear Colleagues,

The project is a collaborative venture between the BSG, Royal College of Surgeons, AUGIS and the National Cancer Audit Support Programme and is funded by the Healthcare Commission. We have begun an examination of existing datasets and are currently finalising a dataset to be used in the prospective component of the audit beginning October 2007. I suspect that many members will already be well aware of the audit through communications via the cancer networks.

Myself, on the Project Group, Stuart Cairns, on the Clinical Reference Group and Mark Denyer, on the Project Board, represent the BSG in this audit and would be happy to answer questions and provide further information. Further advertisements and a series of Roadshows will be held in the autumn prior to roll-out of the prospective component of the audit.

With best wishes

Stuart Riley

Summary for Clinical Reference Group [ 30 Kb ]