"Prof: The life of Sheila Sherlock – The Liver Queen"

A biography by Om P Sharma MD FRCP

A new biography of Dame Sheila Sherlock has been published. An order form and review by Professor Andrew Burroughs may be viewed below:

This biography will interest all those who worked or came into contact with 'Prof' as Dame Sheila Sherlock preferred to be addressed. In her long career she supervised ,guided, advised and encouraged many fellows, registrars and senior colleagues from both the Royal Free Hospital at Grays Inn Road and at the Hampstead site, and many will read how they fitted into the history of a remarkable Head of Department that can be said to have founded Hepatology as a clinical discipline. To clinicians she is still an inspiration for the clarity of her diagnostic algorithms, her clarity of conveying information in her teaching (all remember the superb case discussions on Wednesday afternoons), and her wonderful economy of words in what she wrote.


Much of this comes over in this book but the surprising part to me and many others no doubt, is where all this sprung from. Her early family life and family circumstance, revealed over several chapters, make one understand somewhat better how she came to have so much drive, be so successful, and the same time retain the capacity to put herself in other people’s shoes, whether they were patients or staff. Her care for people is well illustrated by Prof Sharma. All hepatologists should read this. It is part of the history of our young speciality and it’s a wonderful lesson in life.

Prof Andrew Burroughs
Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Medicine
Royal Free Hospital, London