Colorectal Committee

Mr M Paraoan (Acting) Chair 2016
Dr A Wilson Secretary 2016
Dr A Latchford Member 2016
Dr M Moorghen Member 2014
Prof P Bhandari Member 2016
Dr M Matharoo Member (Trainee representative) 2016
Dr J O'Donohue Member 2016
Dr K Monahan Member 2017
Dr J Warusavitarne Member 2017


This section has been established to promote education, research and best practice in the prevention, investigation and management of colorectal disease. These aims will be promoted by:

  1. Organisation / joint organisation of a symposium at the BSG annual meeting
  2. Providing a point of contact between the BSG and ACPGBI to allow co-ordination of research strategy, studies and surveys of clinical practice
  3. Contribution to the development of BSG clinical guidelines
  4. Contribution to the CPD programmes of the BSG

It is recognised that there is some overlap with the interests and activities of other sections (particularly BSG Endoscopy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Section), but that co-operation will enrich the work of all Sections.

Professor Sue Clark, March 2014