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Association of Gastro-Intestinal Physiologists (AGIP) Silver Anniversary

Tuesday, 16 February 2016 10:47

The Association of Gastro-Intestinal Physiologists (AGIP) is an Associate group within the British Society of Gastroenterology, inaugurated in 1991.

Associate Membership of the BSG is intended for those who have a long-term commitment to some aspect of gastrointestinal practice or research, but who are ineligible for other forms of membership. It is accordingly appropriate for Healthcare Professionals such as clinical GI physiologists, clinical scientists, gastrointestinal nurses, dieticians, nurse consultants and other non-medically qualified individuals.

Intending Associate Members should have been in a relevant post for at least one year, and their commitment should be demonstrated by regular sessional contributions to gastrointestinal practice or research evidenced in their portfolio and attested to by their proposer.

The constitution of the Association of G.I Physiologists is governed by BSG guidelines, and states that a council be formed from members.