Membership & Accreditation

Form 2 - 'Affiliated' Membership of AGIP


Affiliated membership will be given to those Healthcare Professionals who:-

  • Are members of AGIP (BSG).
  • Have been involved in GI Physiology for a minimum of 2 years in clinical or non-clinical role (i.e. research). And...
  • Must be working in a unit headed by an Accredited Independent Healthcare Professional in Gastroenterology / working directly for a Consultant Specialist with relevant expertise.


  • Are clinicians who are actively involved in physiological measurements.

Form 3 - AGIP registration as an 'Accredited Independent Healthcare Professional' in GI Physiology


Accredited Independent Membership will be given to those Healthcare Professionals who:-

  • Are members of AGIP (BSG).
  • Are State Registered where appropriate.
  • Have a minimum of 4 year experience in GI Physiology.
  • Have obtained appropriate academic qualifications and professional competencies.
  • Have a formal portfolio that evidences practice conforming to the highest standards of good clinical and scientific practice.

Form 4 - 'Fellow of AGIP'


a) Accredited Independent Healthcare Professionals in GI Physiology who:-

  • Have a minimum of 10 years' experience in GI Physiology.
  • Have taken an active role in the Association.
  • Are considered by the Council to have made an outstanding contribution to GI Physiology.

b) Affiliated Members with no clinical experience who:-

  • Fulfil the criteria for fellowship as above.
  • Have been employed in academic research or development or teaching.

Those members who have attained the status of Fellows would be recognised as having the appropriate experience to give expert advice in their field of practice.

Nomination onto AGIP Council

This form should be sent (preferably emailed) to:

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Dr Kevin Knowles,
GI Motility Unit
Dept Surgery
E Floor, West Block
Queens Medical Centre
Nottingham NG7 2UH