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Developing standards for public involvement in research

Friday, 10 March 2017 13:17

The Public Involvement Standards Development Network has been working to define standards for public involvement in research. If you're interested, you can sign up to receive project updates and be involved in developing the standards.

ICYMI - One-off bowel scope cuts cancer risk for at least 17 years

Friday, 10 March 2017 12:45

In case you missed it, on 21 February 2017 The Lancet published an article by BSG member Prof Wendy Atkin and colleagues. The subject was the outcome of an RCT funded by the NIHR EME programme and CRUK. The trial, with more than 170,000 participants, investigated the effect of a single flexible sigmoidoscopy (FS) on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality after 17 years of follow-up. The study showed that a one-off FS continues to provide significant levels of protection from colorectal cancer diagnosis and death, with protection lasting at least 17 years. The NIHR announced the findings in their own press release. Further background to the trial is available on Prof Atkins' website.

The Sir Francis Avery Jones Research Award Lecture 2017

Thursday, 09 March 2017 15:46

This year, the award lecture will be delivered by Professor Trevor A Graham of the Barts Cancer Institute in London. Prof Graham is interested in developing and applying methods to predict the course of tumour evolution — the process whereby normal cells are transformed over time into invasive cancer cells. With a longstanding interest in gastrointestinal cancer development (primarily in Barrett’s oesophagus and in the colon), Prof Graham has three major programmes of ongoing work. The first is about predicting sporadic colorectal cancer development, the second is predicting the risk of IBD-associated colorectal cancer, and the third is predicting oesophageal cancer occurrence based on patterns of clonal diversity. It is the last of these that will form the subject of the Sir Francis Avery Jones Research Award Lecture 2017. The Lecture will be delivered at the BSG’s Annual Meeting on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at the Manchester Central Convention Centre.

Research - Role of primary care in PBC management: clinician perspectives needed

Thursday, 09 March 2017 11:36

The University of Birmingham and NIHR Birmingham Liver BRU in conjunction with UK-PBC are conducting research into perspectives of patients, GPs and specialists around PBC care and potential future changes including an increased role for primary care. We are looking for gastroenterologists and hepatologists in the West Midlands area to take part in qualitative interviews around the role of stratification. Please see advert below for further details or contact the study team led by Gideon Hirschfield for more details.

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