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MRC Report: The Impact of the Medical Research Council Investment

Thursday, 28 April 2016 14:29

Each research council recently published a report, showcasing examples of the impact of investment through their awards, programmes and collaborations. The impact is wide-ranging, extending from furthering technological advances to combatting disease. Collectively, the seven research councils invest £3bn in research each year, to meet tomorrow’s challenges today and provide the world-class research and skills that are the foundation of a strong and productive UK economy. This helps to achieve balanced growth as well as contributing to a healthy society and a sustainable world. By working in partnership, the research councils combine investments in a multitude of global societal and economic challenge areas to achieve even greater more.

MRC Supporting new researchers towards independence

Thursday, 28 April 2016 14:09

To support early career researchers the MRC has increased the flexibility of its funding schemes available to post-doc researchers along with providing clearer guidance. Recognising that speed of progression can be affected by factors unrelated to an individual’s scientific potential, the MRC have removed time-bound eligibility criteria from New Investigator Research Grants.

Sir John Savill (CEO) said
“We recognise that we need to support our early career researchers through what can be a very challenging transition step in their careers. To ensure there are options available to meet their long term career aspirations and set them on the pathway to success, we are working in partnership with researchers and universities to remove roadblocks, increase flexibility, and provide clear guidance focused on developing our research leaders of tomorrow. I highly recommend that all researchers embarking on a path in biomedical research have a look at our Interactive Career Framework, to help guide their career choices.”

Further Guidance

MRC Regenerative Medicine Research - New Funding Approach

Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:56

MRC has recently made some changes to the way regenerative medicine research is funded.

The Regenerative Medicine Research Committee will now focus funding into Confidence in Concept projects, spreading its £2m allocation over ten or so projects.

Further Guidance

MRC Flexible Funding

Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:31

MRC fellowships are open to individuals returning to research following a career break.

Applicants should make clear any substantive periods of absence from research within their application. Details of career breaks or flexible working will only be used to make appropriate adjustments when assessing an individual’s track record, productivity and career progression.

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