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NIHR - Revised DH contract will benefit researchers and patients

Friday, 19 August 2016 10:52

The Department of Health (DH) and the Health Research Authority (HRA) have been working together to review the standard DH contract for NIHR funded research. From 4th August 2016 research funded by an NIHR research programme will be able to receive payments for start-up in advance of ethical approval. This enables more rapid, efficient and streamlined set-up of research and quicker translation of research into patient benefit.

This change will enable the appointment of skilled research staff earlier in the project leading to better quality applications for HRA Approval, fewer protocol amendment applications early on in the project, and a quicker and more efficient start up process.

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NIHR Signal - Annual health checks for people with intellectual disabilities reduce preventable emergency admissions

Friday, 19 August 2016 10:09

Annual health checks for people with intellectual disabilities in England, introduced in 2009, reduced emergency admissions for potentially preventable conditions, such as constipation or choking on food, by about a quarter. However they have not reduced overall emergency or elective admissions to hospital. The benefits were clearer for people with more severe and complex health needs.

Around 1.5 million people in the UK have an intellectual disability. The extent to which someone’s ability to function is affected by their intellectual disability varies, with some people able to live very independently whilst others require more support.

A recent NIHR-funded article found that people with intellectual disabilities in England are more likely to die young than people in the general population, and that more than a third of early deaths were potentially amendable to health care interventions. The NHS in England introduced annual health checks for people aged 14 and over with intellectual disabilities in 2009.

This NIHR funded study set out to investigate whether annual health checks had any impact on the number of hospital admissions for people with intellectual disabilities.

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Government consultation on new health data security standards and consent/opt-out model

Friday, 19 August 2016 09:55

This consultation has been launched to seek views on the proposed data security standards and new consent and opt-out models for data sharing in the NHS and social care, as proposed in the recent Caldicott Review.

The NIHR is keen to encourage researchers and clinicians to contribute to this consultation to ensure that the views of the research community are reflected. The consultation is open until 7 September 2016.

NIHR HTA Programme announces new funding board

Friday, 19 August 2016 09:46

The NIHR HTA Programme is the biggest of the NIHR research programmes and assesses around 600 research applications every year. Due to the increasing popularity of the programme they have created a new board.

The role of the new board will be to assess applications submitted to the programme in response to NIHR-wide themed calls and evidence synthesis funding opportunities, as well as researcher-led and commissioned proposals. It will complement and have equal status to the existing HTA funding boards. The new board will increase capacity to assess and fund, high quality research.

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