October 2002: 'Cellular signalling mechanisms as targets for chemoprevention of gastrointestinal mal

On behalf of the BSG Research Committee, Drs Mark Hull and Jean Crabtree recently organised a second BSG Research Workshop at the Royal Society of Medicine, London on 11 October 2002. Twenty-seven delegates contributed to a successful series of presentations and informal round table discussions on diverse aspects of the biology of GI epithelia pertaining to cancer chemoprevention therapy. As well as established researchers from the UK, the delegate list included several speakers from abroad including Drs Rick Peek and Rifat Pamucku (representing the Gastroenterology Research G roup of the AGA) and Professor Michael Naumann (Magdeburg, Germany). Several TiGs delegates, who had previously had little exposure to research,were also able to attend.

The morning sessions covered general aspects of GI cancer research techniques, including animal models and in vivo microscopy, followed by an exploration of the mechanistic links between chronic inflammation and malignant change throughout the GI tract. Topics covered in the afternoon included important second messenger signalling pathways, the potential for dietary components to inhibit cell signalling and the mechanisms of action of NSAIDs.The meeting concluded with an excellent overview by Professor Alex Markham (Leeds). In the evening, delegates tested the effects (preventative or otherwise) of imbibing the red grape constituent resveratrol, whilst continuing informal discussion in a nearby Italian restaurant.