June 2005: 'Epithelial Differentiation in the Gastrointestinal Tract'

A successful BSG Research Workshop on Epithelial Differentiation in the Gastrointestinal Tract was hosted at Imperial College London, St Mary's Campus, on 15th June 2005. The workshop, coordinated by Professor Bryan Warren and Dr Marjorie Walker covered a wide spectrum of topics on stem cells and metaplasia. Differentiation of intestinal cells and the role of stem cells were covered by Professor Nicholas Wright, Bart's and the London, with Dr Jason Mills, Washington University School of Medicine. Cell-cell interaction and cell-matrix interactions were discussed by Dr Peter Clark from Imperial College, London and Dr Karl Matter, University College London. Afternoon sessions included a discussion on metaplasia in the gut and other organs Dr Rebecca Harrison, Leicester and Professor Andrea Varro, University of Liverpool, Dr Karen Oein, CRUK, Glasgow talked on the role of Gastrokine 1 in mucosal protection. Therapeutic manipulation of metaplasia was discussed by Professor Jan Jankowski. Leicester. The role of CDX was then explored by Dr Jonathan Quinlan, University of Bath. A lively general discussion of proceeding was held and continued over dinner. All agreed this was a good forum for research discussions and future links were forged.

Research Abstracts 2005