Proteomic and metabonomic profiling for biomarkers in benign and malignant hepatic and pancreatobiliary disease.

This study will utilise proteomic, genomic and metabonomic techniques in the discovery of novel biomarkers of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and pancreaticobiliary diseases including cholangiocarcinoma (CC), pancreatic cancer and benign biliary disease. For malignant cases, diagnosis based upon cytology or histology is considered confirmed. However, a positive combination of clinical course, multi-modal imaging, serum markers and HPB cancer MDT consensus is also considered adequate confirmation of diagnosis for this study. Procedures: blood sample and urine sample, and short demographic, medical and dietary questionnaire. Collaborating centres with substantial HCC and CC caseloads are initially sought. Collaborating centres should have the facility to complete simple sample processing (centrifugation, aliquoting of supernatant) and store samples at -80oC pending transfer to the hub centre. This study has been adopted by the UKCRN and a per case payment can be accrued by participating centres.

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