Key Messages

The national GI and Hepatology Specialty Groups are keen that:

  • interested clinicians are encouraged to recruit patients and also have access to the NIHR CCRN infrastructural support.
  • any blocks to trial recruitment are highlighted: These can be fed to your local CLRN GI or Hepatology Specialty Group Lead(see link below) or to the Chairs of the Groups: Stuart Bloom (Gastroenterology) or Steve Ryder (Hepatology).

Anyone wishing to become involved in clinical trials will need to attend an on-line or in-person course on GCP (Good Clinical Practice). These are usually free from your local R&D Dept. Also see useful links below. Advice on trial set-up can be obtained from trial coordinators and local R&D teams. Most CLRNs have a lead for GI and Hepatology, and these individuals can advise on commercial studies and CLRN support funding. To find your Lead click here.