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Good news: significant performance improvements

Heather Slade, acting Head of Research Management and Governance at the CCRN, recently wrote to the Specialty Group Chairs to congratulate them on improved performance figures for the study approval process. "The process for providing NHS permissions (CSP) within study set up has undergone some significant service reviews and improvements over the last twelve months. We are very pleased with the improvements we have delivered - the average time to complete study wide reviews and the average time to complete local reviews were just 21 days for 12/13, a five-fold improvement on previous years... obtaining R&D approvals is very rarely the block that it used to be... researchers [should] understand that they should get planning much earlier than they used to in order to be ready to recruit patients after a rapid approval... There is much to celebrate and we would like to thank you and your Specialty Group for the huge role you have played, and continue to play, in supporting the successful delivery of research in the NHS."

If you have examples of rapid approvals or other ways in which the CRN has helped with study set-up (eg site identification and the rapid deployment of staff), please send them by 23rd July to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It would be helpful if examples could include reference to:

1. Title of study and UKCRN ID
2. What your role was with the study: CI/PI etc.
3. By which Specialty Group was the study led?
4. How quickly did the CSP and NIHR teams deliver NHS permissions for this study?
5. Did the network help in other ways with study set up?
6. What impact did this have on the overall delivery of the study?