Clinical Research Groups (formerly CSGs)

Clinical Research Groups (CRGs) have been formed covering Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Endoscopy, and Liver. Their aim is to increase the quality and quantity of clinical GI and liver research in the UK. A new CRG (Food & Function) has been formed to cover areas formerly within the remit of the Small Bowel & Nutrition and Neurogastroenterology & Motility Groups, with the addition of relevant pancreas-related research. Cancer Diagnosis & Prevention is expected to be covered within the current Groups and elsewhere and thus is no longer covered by a separate Group.

In 2010, each CRG submitted two to three research priorities or unmet clinical needs that most warranted research funding in their field, which laid the foundation for the National Clinical Research Strategy.This Strategy is undergoing revision.

The CRGs meet in person and by phone and welcome input from those interested in carrying out research. Contact information for the Lead(s) of each CRG can be found on the BSG Research Contacts page.