Research Committee

Dr Matthew Brookes Chairman
Prof Martin Lombard BSG President
Dr Jayne Eaden BSG Senior Secretary
Prof Mark Hull UKCRN GI Group
Prof William Rosenberg UKCRN Liver Group
Dr Amar Sharif Liver Section
Dr Shaji Sebastian Adolescent & Young Persons
Prof Colin Rees Endoscopy
Ms Claire Rodgers BSGNA
Dr Ian Beales Gastroduodenal
Dr John Mansfield IBD
Dr Alex Ford Neurogastroenterology & Motility
Dr Anthony Hobson AGIP
Prof Janusz Jankowski Oesophageal
Dr Stephen Pereira Pancreatic
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo Pathology
Dr Shaji Sebastian Radiology
Dr Ramesh Arasaradnam Small Bowel & Nutrition
Mr Andrew Latchford Colorectal
Dr Fergus Chedgy Trainees
Prof Chris Hawkey CORE
Prof Rebecca Fitzgerald Academic Committee
Dr Simon Leedham Academic Committee
Dr Barry Campbell Scientists in Gastroenterology

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