Research Committee

Prof John McLaughlin Chairman
Dr Ian Forgacs BSG President
Dr Cathryn Edwards BSG Senior Secretary
Dr Jayne Eaden Secretary
Prof Mark Hull UKCRN GI Group
Dr Steve D Ryder UKCRN Liver Group
Dr P Newsome Liver Section
Dr Julian Thomas Adolescent & Young Persons
Prof Colin Rees Endoscopy
Ms Alison Thomas BSGNA
Dr Ian Beales Gastroduodenal
Dr Miles Parkes IBD
Prof CH Knowles Neurogastro'/Motility
Dr Rebecca Fitzgerald Oesophageal
Dr Stephen P Pereira Pancreatic
Dr Marco Novelli Pathology
Dr Magdalena Metzner Radiology
Dr Julian Walters Small Bowel & Nutrition
Mr Andrew Latchford Colorectal
Dr Fergus Chedgy / Dr Shivaram Bhat Trainees
Prof C Hawkey CORE
Dr Sheena Cruickshank Scientists in Gastroenterology

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