NETSCC Research Suggestions


The BSG has been given a fantastic opportunity to shape the clinical research landscape in the next few years and maximise our chances of obtaining NIHR funding for Clinical Research.

The Society has been asked by NETSCC (The NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre) to submit research questions, which we believe should be prioritised for further research funded by NIHR. NETSCC is the organisation which administers five of the NIHR funding streams (Health Technology Assessment [HTA], Public Health Research, Efficacy & Mechanism Evaluation [EME]. Health Services Research [HSR] and Service Delivery & Organisation). Each of these funding streams is available for Investigators to apply to, at any time, for funding . However, NETSCC also regularly commissions research into specific priority areas (click here to get a feel for the type of research that the five schemes address). NETSCC has informed us that, if we provide a list of research priorities in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, generated by wide consultation within the Society, it will announce calls for research into our priority areas over the next one or two years (but with no commitment to eventually fund the research).

Obviously, this is a superb opportunity to set the clinical research agenda in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. It follows that any individual or group that has submitted a research priority, and has thought carefully about how best to address that particular research question, will be in an excellent position to submit a strong grant application and get funded by NIHR.

If you wish to submit a Priority Research Question(s) please complete one or more Research Suggestion Forms, which are available here (please login so your suggestion can be matched with your BSG membership No. and your details will be pre-filled). The Form is simple to complete and deliberately character-limited in keeping with the format that NETSCC like to receive and consider Research Questions. Non-BSG members may submit suggestions here.

We do ask that submission of a Research Suggestion Form implies that you will then aim to submit a grant application to NIHR if the Research area becomes the subject of a Call for research by NIHR. The Clinical Studies Groups (that currently cover Endoscopy, IBD, Liver, Cancer Prevention & Diagnosis, Small Bowel & Nutrition and Neurogastroenterology & Motility) will be ready to provide advice, peer-review, collaboration and implicit BSG support for a grant proposal for any Investigator who wishes to respond to a call for research by NIHR (click here for list of contacts).

We have set a deadline of 28th January 2011 for submission of Research Suggestion Forms in order to leave sufficient time to post the Research Questions on a secure area of the BSG website so that all Society members (whether they have personally submitted a Research Question or not) can comment and post support for the Priority areas that they feel are most worthy of further research. Further details of how you will be able to review and comment on Research Suggestions will be sent shortly.

NETSCC have asked us for approximately 15-20 Research Questions and for us to rank them the order we would like to see them announced by the NETSCC funding streams. We propose to use the period of Society-wide consultation on candidate Research Questions in order to help the Research Committee, with input from the National CCRN GI and Liver Specialty Groups, rank the best supported Research Questions for submission to NETSCC by March 2011 (timed so that our Research Questions can be assessed by the NETSCC Advisory Panels in the summer).

We hope that you will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to shape the Clinical Research Agenda via NIHR by submitting a Research Suggestion Form. Please address any questions you may have about this initiative to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .