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BSG welcomes Dr Martin Lombard as new national clinical director for liver disease

The British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) warmly welcomes a good friend and colleague in Dr Martin Lombard to his post as the National Clinical Director for Liver Disease. Dr Lombard is eminently qualified to undertake this crucial role within the Department of Health at a time when liver disease and its causes are a growing problem in the UK.

The BSG looks forward to working closely with him on the development and implementation of a National Strategy for Liver Services following the release last year of the joint BASL/BSG National Plan for Liver Services.

We applaud the Government for recognising the need for a strategic approach and clinical leadership to Liver Services when the health consequences of alcohol, obesity and hepatitis are so evident.

Notes to Editor

Dr Martin Lombard is a Consultant Physician & Hepatologist at Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust, and the Clinical Director for Gastroenterology Services at Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust, as well as Hon. Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool. Dr Lombard is a member of The British Society of Gastroenterology and is Chair of the BSG National Training Committee.

Liver disease facts:

· The average age of death from liver disease is 59, compared to 82 for heart disease and 84 for stroke

· Liver disease is largely preventable and can be treated if diagnosed sufficiently early

· Obesity is a rising cause of liver disease, with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) a growing concern amongst liver specialists

· While lifestyle factors such as drinking and obesity are the biggest causes, liver disease can also be caused by viral hepatitis, excessive iron and rare disorders

  • Liver disease currently costs the NHS £460m a year

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