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UK IBD Audit Meetings

UK IBD Audit Meetings

The UK IBD Audit Steering Group is running a series of meetings throughout the UK between May and July to seek YOUR input and advice as healthcare professionals working with IBD patients in order to help us:


Details of the dates and venues for each of the 9 meetings are below.  There are dedicated meetings for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as regional meetings grouped by SHAs in England.  There is also a dedicated national meeting for paediatric gastroenterology.  You are welcome to attend any of the meetings that best suit you in terms of travel or your diary.


Date Title Venue City Type
Currently no events are available

BSG 2016 Conference Party

Click here to view details of the BSG 2016 Conference Party organised by the Trainee Section

Tuesday 21st June 2016

Albert Dock, Britannia Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AD

20:00 until late

£15 per person

Organised by the BSG Trainees Section