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The Administrative Data Research Network
The Administrative Data Research Network have produced training podcasts that are informative short concise overviews of their training courses. Watch the podcasts to discover if you should attend their courses, what can be expected and what you will have learnt by the end of each course.
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British Geriatrics Society - GI conditions especially incontinence: 2nd December 2014
With Dr Iain Wilkinson and Professor Alastair Forbes.
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BMJ Talk Medicine - Non-coeliac but gluten sensitive?: 2014
Many patients are following a wheat free diet, which they believe helps with their gastrointestinal symptoms, yet they don't exhibit markers of coeliac disease. Mabel Chew finds out from David Sanders, a professor of gastroenterology at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, about non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Also, Fiona Godlee gives us an update on the open data campaign.
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EMCrit - Upper GI Bleed Guidelines: 7th June 2012
Great Britain’s National Health Service has a group called the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE); this group has recently put out guidelines for the management of Upper GI Bleeds.
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