GI Lesions Diagnosis, Characterisation and Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy - Practice Like the Experts

8 December 2017
Institute of Translational Medicine, Heritage Building, University of Birmingham, UK

Optical characterisation of colonic lesions, neoplasia, dysplasia, cancer, is a hot topic. New advanced optical technologies now permit lesion characterisation with unparalleled precision. This symposium will provide participants cutting edge information about lesion characterisation from leading experts in the world. The participants will learn how to apply different endoscopic optical platforms with their distinctive characteristics to characterisation of neoplastic, dysplastic, cancerous and inflammatory lesions. The symposium will be highly interactive and make extensive use of high quality videos and images to increase the diagnostic confidence of participants. There will be ample opportunities to interact with leading experts from USA, Japan and Europe.

Objectives -

  1. To understand the evidence supporting lesion characterisation of colonic lesions using high definition, NBI, iSCAN and BLI and confocal endomicroscopy.
  2. To be able to appreciate the latest classification systems of lesion characterisation that may be applied in clinical practice to increase confidence in diagnosis.
  3. To use lesion characterisation to aid decision analysis regarding feasibility of local endoscopic resection and determine completeness of resection.

The conference has been endorsed by the BSG Education Committee. More information is available from, or from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternatively dial 0121 414 8606 / 8607 / 8608 for more information and to register.