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The Education Committee is responsible for the scientific programme of all meetings of the Society. The Committee considers all aspects of education in gastroenterology. It is responsible for considering applications for financial support in regard to education, travel and equipment and advises on nominations for such fellowships and awards. 

Badging by the Education Committee

The BSG is keen to enhance the exposure of the many excellent educational events that take place across the UK by providing BSG endorsement for the event. BSG endorsement carries many benefits to the organisers, including a presence on the BSG website and newsletter and assistance with conference calls. The guidance for BSG endorsement has been agreed by the Education Committee and is included below. Please refer to the guidance below and the benefits document and complete the checklist if you are considering seeking the advantage of BSG endorsement for your event.

Jess Williams, BSG Education Committee Chair

BSG Educational Events - Guidance

Important Notes

  • All Events should be consistent with the BSG mission statement i.e. congruent with the objectives of the Charity:
  • a. “to maintain & promote high standards of patient care”
    b. “to enhance capacity of members & associate members to discover, disseminate and apply new knowledge to the benefit of patients with digestive disorders”
  • Events should have educational benefits for BSG members, at the discretion of the BSG Education Committee.
  • There are four categories of approval or sponsorship.
    a. ‘Listed’ meetings are those to which members can be signposted.
    b. ‘Endorsed’* meetings are those which the Society will ‘badge’ officially as being relevant and important for its members.
    c. ‘Supported’* meetings are those meetings endorsed by the BSG which additional BSG support is required or sought. The level of support available is at the discretion of the Education Committee (see below).
    d. ‘Organised’ Meetings are those for which the BSG is entirely or substantially responsible e.g. Annual meeting etc. Sections of the BSG can apply to have a meeting sponsored and organised.
  • At least one of the organisers must be a member of the BSG.
  • Events should have CPD approval from the RCP (or other relevant accrediting body). NOTE it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for this in advance (see CPD guidelines). Events aimed primarily at Trainees are not eligible for RCP CPD; a BSG Education Committee working group will assess these events.
  • Event organisers should contact the BSG Education Committee as early as possible. Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks before the next BSG Education Committee meeting, so that the programme can be tabled. Meetings take place in March, September and December.
  • Event organisers should try to avoid dates clashing with other BSG-endorsed/supported/organised events. The BSG reserves the right to ask organisers to change the date if a clash would occur.
  • The BSG Education Committee's decision is final.

  • Further Information / Guidance Table

    * Endorsed and Supported categories apply only to UK-based meetings or events.