Previous Surveys

Results of previously conducted surveys will appear here soon

Patient clinic letters - A survey initiated by Dr Harriet Mitchison, Sunderland Royal Hospital, about the level of adoption of government policy to offer patients a copy of the letter that is sent by the outpatient clinic to their GP.  The experience in Sunderland is that patients find this very useful and we are interested to know whether the practice is widespread.

Vaccination of IBD patients - There is increasing debate on the issue of vaccination of IBD patients on immunosuppressants and biologicals and this is particularly relevant in relation to H1N1.We hope to understand the current practice on this area by a short survey which should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Your help is very much appreciated.

Academic Medicine: National Survey of Gastroenterology Trainees 2009 - This is a follow up survey which was last performed 3 years ago to look at trainees‘ experience of out of programme education (OOPE) and research. The results of this and the previous study will then be made available to all trainees through the BSG and TIG website. The results of the survey will also be made available to regional training directors to help inform training committees of the demand / interest in OOPE and the need to accommodate this into training programmes.