Alcohol Related Disease (2010)

Alcohol Related Disease

Alcohol Related Disease: Meeting the Challenge of Improved Quality of care and Better Use of Resources

A Joint Position Paper by BSG/BASL/AHA

Alcohol misuse and alcohol-related problems, especially binge drinking and alcohol-related liver disease, are major public health concerns. Recently, much attention has focused on social policy and measures to reduce drinking. There is an additional need to provide care for a large and growing group of patients with alcohol-related problems, where national quality standards are lacking and the absence of coordinated policies means care is imperfect and spending is poorly targeted and ineffective.

Addendum: 9th November 2010

BSG/Alcohol Health Alliance urge SHAs to invest in alcohol services to reduce hospital readmissions

A recent letter from David Florey CBE, NHS Deputy Chief Executive, has urged PCTs and SHAs to develop these plans to ensure that patients who are discharged from hospital receive ongoing and seamless care that will reduce avoidable hospital readmissions. £70 million has been made available to do this. The BSG and Alcohol Health Alliance have written to SHAs to encourage them to invest in alcohol services. The following links will take you to the letter and briefing document, which may be useful to you in encouraging investment locally.

DoH Cancer Commissioning Guidance (2009)

The cancer commissioning guidance announced as part of the Cancer Reform Strategy has been developed to support world-class commissioning of cancer services across the NHS. The guidance sets out, in an easy-to-use format, key issues and questions that commissioners and cancer network teams will want to take into consideration when assessing health needs, reviewing services, developing their contract service specifications and monitoring performance.

The cancer commissioning guidance sits alongside the linked web-based cancer commissioning toolkit which supports commissioners of cancer services by providing a range of benchmarked information and data.

BSG Introduction: DoH Cancer Commissioning Guidance [ 36 Kb ]

Cancer Commissioning Guidance: documentation on DoH website

BSG Strategy Document (2006)

'Care of Patients with Gastrointestinal Disorders in the United Kingdom:
A Strategy for the Future'

BSG Strategy Document: 'Care of Patients With Gastrointestinal Disorders in the United Kingdom:  A Strategy for the Future'

The aim of this strategy document is to provide a robust support for the development and commissioning of Gastroenterology and Hepatology services in the UK. We envisage it will be used in business planning and service improvement in primary care at local Trust level and regional level. We also expect it to be an essential document in negotiations for improvement in service and future planning.

Download document [ 370 Kb ]