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List of NCAs for inclusion in quality accounts

Monday, 27 February 2012 15:38

14 February 2012

The Department of Health has confirmed the list of national clinical audits (NCAs) for inclusion in Quality Accounts 2012/13. Full details are available on the HQIP website: Confirmed list.

IBD Biologics Audit and IBD Registry

Monday, 20 February 2012 10:59

The Biologics Audit

Almost half of UK IBD Audit sites have entered data into the biologics audit. Again I am most grateful to sites that have entered the data and I want to encourage those that have not. Firstly I would like to emphasise that this is a purely audit project and is not fulfilling the research aims of any group or individual. This is your data and we hope that by entering cases into the audit that you will get benefit from this.

We will be producing an interim national report on the biologics audit as part of the UK IBD Audit 3rd round which will be launched in June 2012 at the DDF meeting in Liverpool.

UK IBD Registry

The UK IBD Registry is currently being set up; Three areas of work are being progressed in between meetings of a full board containing representatives of all related professional groups:

  • Information Group developing the dataset and clinical benefits of the system
  • Governance Group looking into issues of confidentiality and consent
  • IT Group developing a specification and tender invitation

There has been regular communication with the other IBD projects, particularly the UK IBD Audit, and the importance of coordinating the development of the Registry with the current and next phase of the UK IBD Audit is recognised by everyone. The Registry system will be presented at DDF in June 2012 in Liverpool.

Drs Ian Arnott & Stuart Bloom

HQIP announces transparency strategy

Monday, 30 January 2012 11:56

26 January 2012

HQIP announced a strategy for meeting the government's transparency agenda regarding the process and outcomes of clinical audits. Rigorous new guidelines have been developed for carrying out NCAPOP audits, to enable lay individuals to access and understand audit results. Reporting will be at Trust level in most cases but may be more granular - as far as members of clinical teams. To support this level of reporting, HQIP will launch a search portal for audit participation and case ascertainment, and a feedback system for NHS staff to highlight potential areas of improvement for ongoing audits.

HQIP announces membership of Independent Advisory Group

Monday, 30 January 2012 11:47

25 January 2012

HQIP has announced the membership of the Independent Advisory Group for the four Clinical Outcome Review Programmes (medical and surgical, mental health, child health, and maternal, infant and perinatal). Full details are available on the HQIP website: Announcement

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