IBD Registry Launches at BSG 2013 in Glasgow

The IBD Registry was launched at this year's British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Conference in Glasgow.

The mood was positive and delegates very supportive of the work done to develop the Registry and many clinicians in the audience were committed to becoming involved.

One delegate commented that the Registry sounds "amazing", while Dr Anjan Dhar said the project represents "a fantastic effort". Reporting on his experience of piloting the Registry Patient Management System, Dr Matt Johnson commented that "patients love this", and that it "takes ten minutes to learn, and data can be entered in about four minutes by patient 15".

After the event the room was buzzing with enthusiasm and delegates were queuing up to get more information and sign up to get involved.

Redefining How We Use Information

IBD Registry chairman and consultant gastroenterologist Dr Stuart Bloom explained that the Registry – which has been in development for the past two years – provides an opportunity to redefine how we use the clinical information we all generate in routine consultation to improve care for patients as well as providing a tool for service development and research.

Further Information can be found in the full press release below