Consultant Physicians Working for Patients - 3rd edition, January 2005 (Section on Gastroenterology reproduced by kind permission of the Royal College of Physicians of London).



This report describes the work of a consultant physician providing a service in acute general medicine and gastroenterology and recommends a workload consistent with high standards of patient care. It also sets out the work generated in gastroenterology by a population of 250,000, and gives the consultant workload as notional half days (NHDs) for each element of such a service.

The following account will apply to most consultant physicians in gastroenterology, although the pattern may be different in specialist centres.

The full document may be ordered from the Royal College of Physician's website's publications page:

BSG 'Matching' Scheme

The BSG provides a 'matching' scheme for trainees in their final year, and NHS Trusts who are likely to have vacancies within the same period. This enables (with the permission of both parties) informal contacts to be made, thus avoiding difficulties with the timing of CCST dates.

If you expect a consultant vacancy to arise within your Trust in the next 12 months, please complete the pdf form below and return it to Mrs C Romaya at the BSG Office, 3 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LB. This information will then be circulated to our final year trainees.