IBD Standards

Service standards for the healthcare of people who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Documentation updated October 2013

The aim of these Service Standards is to ensure that patients who have inflammatory bowel disease receive healthcare that is safe, effective and of consistently high quality. Our organisations, representing patients and professionals, have collaborated in the IBD Standards Group to define for the first time what is required in terms of staffing, support services, organisation, patients‚ education and audit to provide integrated, high-quality IBD Services.

The starting point for this initiative was a UK-wide Audit in 2006 which confirmed that there was substantial local variation in the provision, organisation and clinical quality of IBD Services and that there were significant aspects of care that did not meet current clinical guidelines.

We believe that this situation reflects the fact that there is no NHS national strategy and no standards for this long-term condition and indeed for gastroenterology as a whole. Our approach has been to define a set of standards for IBD that will deliver safe, high-quality, patient-centred care as part of an effective gastroenterology service.

IBD Standards Documentation 2013

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