BSG guidelines deal with the investigation, management and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

These Guidelines and guidance documents have been prepared or endorsed by the British Society of Gastroenterology. They represent a consensus of best practice based on the available evidence at the time of preparation. They may not apply in all situations and should be interpreted in the light of specific clinical situations and resource availability. Clinical decisions involve a complex analysis of the patient’s condition and available routes of action which may lead a clinician to take a course of action that varies from these guidelines or guidance. Guidelines and guidance documents are not rules and should not be interpreted as establishing a legal standard of care.

British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines aim to improve the standard of practice of clinical gastroenterology and hepatology and represent a consensus of best practice based on the available evidence. Accreditation of the process we use to produce best practice clinical guideline through the NICE Accreditation Programme demonstrates that our guidelines are of a very high quality. We are confident that NICE accreditation will heighten the standing of our guidelines and will lead to further improvement in the quality of patient care.

Guideline Development Within the BSG Clinical Services and Standards Committee Policies:

Rules governing the production of BSG Guidelines

The Clinical Services and Standards Committee of the British Society of Gastroenterology has undertaken to work with colleagues to prepare guidelines on the management of various gastrointestinal disorders in order to improve the standard of practice of clinical gastroenterology in specified areas. The following is intended as a guide to aid in the preparation of these guidelines.

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Designated Funds

Clinical Services Fund

The British Society of Gastroenterology produces and distributes treatment and management guidelines for important gastroenterological and hepatological disorders. Each guideline costs about £5,000. Each year approximately 3 are finalised although they can take several years to write. Therefore sufficient funds have been set aside to enable guidelines to be published for the next 3 years. Expenses which members of the guideline development group incur directly in relation to guideline production are refunded by the BSG. No other money is paid to them.

Draft Guidelines

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Draft Guidelines