Indications for Referral and Assessment in Adult Liver Transplantation: A Clinical Guideline

J Devlin, J O'Grady


This document, on the indications and referral of patients for liver transplantation, was commissioned by the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) as part of a wider initiative to develop guidelines for clinicians in several areas of clinical practice. The role of transplantation in end stage liver disease has reached a period of stability following a phase of rapid development over the past two decades. Emerging from an experimental high risk procedure to one where survival and rehabilitation is anticipated,it is appropriate to review the present evidence and synthesise this into a framework document for referring clinicians. Guidelines are not rigid protocols and they should not be construed as interfering with local clinical judgement. Hence, they do not represent a directive of prescribed routes but a basis upon which clinicians can consider the option of transplantation more clearly.

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