Guidance on the Treatment of Hepatitis C incorporating the use of Pegylated Interferons

Appendix to 'Guidelines on the Management of Hepatitis C'

Matthew Cramp and William Rosenberg, 2003


Clinical guidelines issued by the BSG in July 2001 on the management of Hepatitis C recommended the use of Interferon alpha and Ribavirin in patients with moderate or severe chronic hepatitis C as determined by liver biopsy. This is consistent with NICE HTA Guidance No 14 published in October 2000. The recent licensing of two formulations of pegylated interferon with proven superior efficacy in treating chronic hepatitis C has necessitated review of these guidelines. The current guidance does not address the issue of who should be treated, but issues recommendations on how to use pegylated interferons in patients eligible for treatment according to previously published guidelines. However it should be recognised that these guidelines apply to adults only and not to paediatric patients.