Guidance for Obtaining a Valid Consent for Elective Endoscopic Procedures

A Report of the Working Party of the British Society of Gastroenterology. Replaces guideline published 1999

April 2008

Dr Hugh Shepherd & Dr David Hewett


Endoscopic procedures are safe and practiced extensively worldwide. These techniques oer a powerful range of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that are increasingly performed as outpatient day cases on large numbers of patients.

Procedural sessions can be very busy , often with a high volume throughput of patients who have had 'direct access' to the service, having previously been seen only in primary care. The increasing importance of patient centred practice coupled with ease of access to endoscopy services, has challenged the practical ability of endoscopic units to maintain high clinical standards. This is particularly true when obtaining valid consent for this invasive intervention.

Aspects of good consenting practice are now an important component in the Global Rating Scale (GRS) assessment of UK endoscopy units.

This document sets out the standards and procedures that are appropriate for elective endoscopic procedures in adults. It is based upon current guidance from the Department of Health, the General Medical Council and other relevant sources.

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