Levels of membership

There are eight levels of membership in the BSG:

To apply online go to:

Please note:

The membership payment year runs from 1st January through to 31st December each year.

The payment quarters for joining dates are set out below if you join in a particular month within any quarter you will be charged accordingly:

  • 1st January – 31st March (Full rate)
  • 1st April – 30th June (¾ rate)
  • 1st July – 30th September ( ½ rate)
  • 1st October – 31st December (¼ rate)


Full Membership

Full membership is intended as recognition of special interest, commitment and experience in any discipline, non-clinical, relevant to gastroenterology.

Application for full membership will be considered from the following groups;

Applicants who hold a consultant or specialist grade post in any gastroenterologically-related discipline. The Society seeks evidence of this in publications, scientific presentations (in particular to the Society) and commitment to teaching and training. Those who have been appointed to a substantive consultant post and those who are accredited gastroenterologists either with a CCT or on the specialist register need only submit a brief CV and the name of a proposer, an existing full BSG member.

Clinical applicants who do not hold a consultant or other established hospital post (such as General Practitioners and clinical assistants) should demonstrate a major interest in, and commitment to, gastroenterology in their work. Applications for membership must be supported by a BSG member. Sponsors should draw attention to the particular contribution and experience of the candidate in the practice of some aspects of gastroenterology.

Non-clinical applicants and those working in industry should show evidence of their active participation and personal involvement in gastrointestinal research in the UK, usually by publication or presentation at the scientific meetings of the Society. They should have a commitment to the Society and have contributed to gastroenterology. You will need to be sponsored by a full consultant BSG member.

Cost: £195.00 per annum

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International Membership

International Membership is intended for those living permanently outside the British Isles and working in an established post (or for full members resident abroad for more than two years). The same criteria apply as for Full Membership.


International £147.00 (includes electronic access to Gut and Frontline Gastroenterology)

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Trainee Membership

Trainee Membership is available for trainees in any discipline relevant to gastroenterology, who are normally resident in the UK or Ireland. Applicants should be enrolled in a recognised higher professional training scheme and possess a training number or be a research fellow.
A proposal for membership will be required from a full consultant member of the Society. On the completion of training and on obtaining CCT, application should then be made for full membership. It is not necessary to complete a new application form or obtain new sponsorship.

Cost: £97.50 per annum

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Non-Clinical Scientist Membership

Non-Clinical Scientist Membership is specifically designed for non-clinical scientists and is intended as recognition of special interest or experience in any nonclinical discipline relevant to gastroenterology. Non-Clinical Scientist Members will be entitled to attend all Society meetings and hold office and vote in the affairs of the Society. The subscription is set at a lower rate than that for full members but members will receive a subscription to Frontline Gastroenterology. Special concessions will be made regarding registration for the annual scientific meeting.

Cost: £50.00 per annum

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is intended for those who have a long-term commitment to some aspect of gastrointestinal practice or research, but who are ineligible for other forms of membership. It is accordingly appropriate for gastrointestinal nurses, dietitians, physiology technicians, nurse consultants and other non-medically qualified individuals. Intending associate members should have been in a relevant post for at least one year, and their commitment should be demonstrated by regular sessional contributions to gastrointestinal practice or
research amounting to a least two and a half days per week. The subscription is set at a lower rate than that for full members but members will receive a subscription to Frontline Gastroenterology. Special concessions will be made regarding registration for the annual scientific meeting.

Cost: £50.00 per annum

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Senior Membership

At age 65, or earlier retirement, full and international members may choose to transfer to senior membership, thus retaining the right to vote but not hold office. If such members wish to receive Gut they will pay the full membership subscription. If such members do not wish to receive Gut, they will be eligible to receive information about meetings and other activities of the Society at a reduced rate.

Cost: £45.00 per annum

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Honorary Membership

Men and women of distinction who have made outstanding contributions to gastroenterology may be recommended honorary membership at the AGM. Nominations will be made to the BSG Secretary and will require the written support of three full Society members of at least ten years' standing. The affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at the AGM shall be necessary for election. Honorary members shall pay no subscription, but shall be able to access the online version of Gut. They shall be entitled to vote but shall not hold office after retirement from active practice.

Cost: None

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BSG Taster Membership

BSG's Taster membership scheme.

This aims to promote our speciality to aspiring medical students and junior trainees to give them a taste of membership of our professional Society before committing to full trainee membership.

We are looking to attract trainees from Student to ST3 who show enthusiasm for Gastroenterology related projects.


All undergraduate medical students, including those doing intercalated studies; Foundation year doctors and all core medical Trainees up to ST3.


  • Access to a tailored microsite on the BSG Website offering educational content.
  • Political commentary and informal mentoring (supported by the BSG Trainee section).
  • Substantially reduced conference rates are available for BSG scientific meetings.
  • Submission of abstracts is actively encouraged.

To Apply

Please go to the following link; https://members.bsg.org.uk/mybsg

Cost is minimal (£15.00 pa)
You will need to support of a BSG member to join - please ask your Consultant!
Request their membership number as you will need to add this when you apply

For further information please contact the BSG Membership Team via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 0207 935 3150

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